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We are a husband and wife photography team based in Kansas City. We met each other on our bus when we were sophomores in high school. Since then, we have had three years of friendship, three years of dating, and three years of marriage. We started this business together four years ago and enjoy truly connecting with the couples that we photograph so that we can tell their stories in the most authentic way possible. The drive for our work is creating images that you will appreciate even more 40 years in the future than you do when you first receive them. 

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Greetings! Off the bat, you should know that two of my favorite TV shows still remain Teen Titans and Avatar the Last Airbender. Also, I am a child of the mountains trapped in the flat lands. But in Kansas I have found some of my deepest joys. I have built deep friendships which fulfill my relational soul and discovered my love for photography. For the former, I am an extrovert at heart and I am driven by a curiosity to learn everyone’s backstory and passion. As for the latter, I have been into photography off and on my whole life, but it was not until I began dating Kenton that my passion for it really solidified. Being married to my high school love and having the opportunity to grow up alongside him has been one of my greatest privileges. Kenton continuously pushes me to be all that I am created to be and I cannot wait to tell our future children all our crazy stories of figuring this wild journey out together. 

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Hello! Some of my favorite things include hiking, camping, photography, K-State sports, architecture, physics,  and water skiing.  My dad introduced me to photography when  I was growing up and after getting my first DSLR camera when I was 18, I would go out to explore Kansas backroads and shoot hundreds of photos every week. My love for photography developed further through traveling to National Parks and wanting to capture the beautiful landscapes that were around me.  As much as I enjoy the art of making images that are creatively composed with perfect lighting, the thing I love most about photography is the power it has to record moments in time and allow us to relive memories over and over that we might otherwise forget. I am in love with Hannah and being her husband for three years now has been the most amazing adventure. 

Our Adventures Together